For foreign/ dual nationals, etc

1 Who Can apply for a Police Character Certificate through the Ministry of Interior
  • Foreign Nationals (who have stayed in Pakistan)
  • Dual Nationals
  • Pakistani Nationals who have a requirement from embassies to furnish a Police Character Certificate from the Ministry of Interior e.g. China, Portugal, etc.
2 How to apply for a Police Character Certificate? Fill out the Police Character Certificate Proforma (available on Ministry of Interior’s website) and attach the requisite documents and submit them to the Ministry of Interior.
3 What are the documents to be attached to the Proforma?
  • Four (04) photographs (fresh Passport size).
  • Photocopy of valid CNIC /valid NICOP (for Pakistanis only).
  • Photocopy of valid Passport.
  • Copy of valid visa (for foreigners)
  • Copy of entry page of passport (for foreigners)
  • Proof of Police Registration (if any)
  • Proof of Residence / Registered Lease Agreement (for Foreigners), along with a copy of the CNIC of the owner of the House and the Electricity Bill of the said house
  • Proof of employment/student letter( for foreigners).
  • Three sets of Photocopies of all the above documents.
4 What is the process of issuance of Police Character Certificate by MoI?
  • Submission of requisite documents and duly filled Proforma to the Ministry of Interior.
  • The Ministry of Interior writes to the respective Inspector General of Police (IGP) for the issuance of a Police Character Certificate.
  • Once the Police Character Certificate is received from the respective IGP; then, this ministry issues the Police Character Certificate enclosed in its cover letter.
5 How much time does it take to issue a Police Character Certificate?
  • Time varies depending upon ground verification by respective Police Departments.
6 Is there any fee for Police Character Certificate? NO
7 If the house is owned by yourself/wife/father/any other blood relative
  • A copy of the CNIC of the owner of the house is required
  • A copy of the electric bill of the said house is required.
8 If anybody is living in a rented house
  • A copy of the registered lease agreement
  • A copy of the CNIC of the owner of the house
  • A copy of the electricity bill
9 If anybody is living in a rented house, but the person living in the house has not signed a lease agreement with the owner of the house
  • The owner of the house has to furnish an original affidavit regarding the residence of the subject person along with CNIC copy
10 If anybody is living in an employer/government-provided residence The employer/government will have to furnish a lease agreement and an employment letter
11 For students living in a hostel
  • University letter
  • Copy of student card
  • Copy of hostel card.
  • HEC letter
12 If someone is living in a hostel/ guest house
  • Proof of Registration of hostel/guest house
  • Proof of booking details of the hostel/ guest house (showing that the person is living there from the administration of the hostel/ guest house)


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