FAQs of International Non-Governmental Organizations

1 Process to apply for Registration of INGOs
2 Checklist for registration of INGO
  • Application letter addressed to Secretary Interior requesting to register as an INGO
  • Acknowledgement of EAD that the Annual Plan of Action has been submitted
  • Letter from the concerned Embassy verifying the credentials of the INGO
  • Proof of Registration in the country of origin
  • Detailed annual budget covering Administrative and Development components
  • Approval of Commissioner. Inland Revenue concerned under section 2 (36) of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001
  • Tax Returns (copies) for last 3 years (For Renewal of registration)
  • Annual Reports for three years
  • Financial Statements for last three years
  • Funding guarantee letter containing donor commitment
  • Proof of local residence (lease agreement, etc) with complete address/telephone numbers and list of local contacts in Pakistan (For Renewal of registration)
  • Power of attorney from the Head Office authorizing its designated representative for applying for registration in Pakistan
  • Staff Details
3 Area in which INGO are allowed to Work
  • Vocational education and training,
  • Health
  • Poverty alleviation,
  • Culture
  • Environmental protection,
  • Natural disaster reduction and management,
  • Science and technology
  • Sports
4 Process of renewal of registration of INGOs Application in the name of Joint Secretary (Security) along with following documents:-
  • Annual Reports for 3 years
  • Financial Statements for last 3 years
  • Staff Details
  • Tax Returns (copies) for last 3 years.
  • Detailed report of completed and ongoing projects.
  • Annual Plan of Action for the next year along with donor commitment letter.
Above documents will be sent to
  • Security clearance from security agencies
  • MOFA for parent country clearance
  • EAD for scrutiny of local partners
  • SECP for Financial Audit
  • FBR for Tax clearance
  • Annual Plan of Action for the next year along with donor commitment letter.
On the basis of clearance from all the stakeholders, INGO scrutiny committee based in Ministry of Interior will approve the renewal request.


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