Missionary Work Visa

The applications for grant of initial visa/extension for missionary work Christian Missionaries in Pakistanis processed by the Ministry of Interior.

Entry visas are not granted to foreign missionaries desirous of opening new missions or strengthening existing one engaged in proselytizing activities.

Foreign missionaries can apply for entry visa through Pakistan missions abroad who will refer the cases to Ministry of Interior with following documents ofthe applicants:-

(a) Visa application form, duly completed with two photographs.
(b) Computer Proforma.
(c) Letter from a Missionary Organization certifying that he/she is a Bonafied member of the said Organization, which takes full responsibility for his/her maintenance, boarding/lodging and return journey in case repatriation from Pakistan was required.
(d) Declaration to respect and abide by the laws of Pakistan and that he/she will refrain from indulging in internal politics and will comply with all the regulations of Pakistan.
(e) Biodata for last 10 years.
(f) Photostat copies of his/her educational degrees diplomas/certificates( withEnglish translation, if required).
(g) Letter from the Organization in Pakistan inviting the said missionary worker.
(h) Complete details of the person being re-placed showing the exact date ofhis final exit, and visa position at that time along with photo copies of passport pages indicating final exit, final visa as well as the cancellation o fun-utilized visa( if any).

The Ministry of Interior after obtaining the views of the Provincial Governmentclearance authorizes missions abroad for entry visa for one year with onere-entry.
Missionary workers shall apply for extension in visa one month before expiry of visa to the nearest Regional Passport Office. In case, the documents furnished are in order, visa extension for two years with 2 re-entries per year (notvalid for India)will be granted by RPO concerned.


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