House Maid Visa

Entry visa to work as housemaid/domestic servant in Pakistan will be granted by Missions abroad only with prior approval of the Ministry of Interior

Applications for grant of fresh visa as housemaid/domestic servant etc., to a foreigner will be forwarded by the employers in Pakistan to Ministry of Interior with following documents:-

  1. Visa application form duly completed with two photographs of the applicant.
  2. Computer clearance Performa
  3. NOC and Acknowledgment from the foreign mission concerned (in Pakistan) about proposed employment of the foreigner by the said employer.
  4. Employment Contract on stamp paper, duly signed by the employee and employer and two witnesses.
  5. Photo copies of passport pages.
  6. Copy of NIC of the employer (in case the employer is a Pakistani).
  7. Passport photo copy of the employer (in case the employer is a foreigner). Extension in Housemaid Work/Domestic servant visa cases is granted by the Ministry of Interior on year to year basis subject to the validity of passport of the applicant with one or two re-entries per year.


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